Child Abuse Dilemma

Child abuse has been existing in the world since several past years.  Child abuse simply ruins victim’s life. Child abuse dilemma term paper writing is not a difficult task. This topic guarantees students good marks

Students should start their term paper writing task by stating a fact that research clearly shows that 1% to 15% children in the world becomes the victim of the child abuse. In this mechanized era newspapers magazines are full of the stories of child abuse. Students should discuss all the consequences of child abuse. Students should discuss in their term paper that parents are not ready to fulfill a responsibility of a child as a result their children become their target for popping out all frustration. Most of the children are totally neglected by their parents.

Most of the children are not provided with proper food, medicine y their parents. Their parents treat them as garbage. Most of the parents leave their child with a sitter and never even have time to talk to them. They usually treat their child as a burdensome responsibility. Instead of giving care and attention to their child they treat them rudely. Most of the parents start thinking their child as a hurdle in their career success. They sometimes get fed of carrying responsibility. They want to live as a free soul. In that case they didn’t care for their child at all. The result is that these children grow up having lots of psychological and disruptive emotional problems.

Students should also discuss that child abuse does not only involve neglecting children by not providing them basic necessities of life, child abuse involves depriving a child with the right adult supervision such that imperfections are left in his personality. Students should discuss that Webster‘s dictionary child abuse definition is that a child mistreated by parents or a guardian. The medical definition of a child abuse is different than this. It is an injury given to a child with a malicious intent.

I hope by following above mentioned guidelines child abuse dilemma term paper task will get easier for students.