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Help in selecting topics 
There are hundreds of topics that students can address in any academic discipline. However, you cannot write on any topic when you are given an assignment to write a thesis paper. Experts at custom thesis paper writing service will help you select a prime topic. This will be based on factors such as:

  • Value addition- research assignments aim at introducing new knowledge to the already existing body of knowledge, or introducing new ways in which existing knowledge can be used. Therefore, information provided in the course of writing the thesis paper must be practical. Our experts in writing custom thesis papers will advise you accordingly.
  • Feasibility- in their effort to add value to previously done researches, sometimes students select a topic that is not manageable within their academic schedule. Our professionals will help you select a topic that is neither too wide nor narrow.
  • Your interest- although we provide credible services in writing custom thesis, you will do the presentation to the dissertation committee. Therefore, our professionals in custom thesis paper writing service help you select a topic that you can passionately defend.

Help in formulating a thesis statement 
Experts at custom thesis paper writing service find pleasure in delivering the best to our customers. Therefore, as you contact us for assistance in formulating a thesis statement, we also advise that you know the qualities of a strong thesis statement. They include:

  • Clarity
  • Preciseness
  • Assertiveness
  • It should be debatable 
  • It should be a statement not a question

The choice of the topic you make and the thesis statement you formulate significantly determines the quality of your service. Therefore, if you are not seeking help in topic selection or formulating a thesis statement from custom thesis paper writing service, investigate the suitability of a custom writing service.

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College Essay Topics Examples

Examples play a significant role in helping students learn how to write. It is through college essay topics examples that students learn how to meet the set threshold for selecting or formulating good college essay topics. The most significant factor to consider when referring to examples is the example should meet the set mark of quality.

Research has shown that student who refer college essay topics examples, and college essays stand a chance of formulating good college essay topics and writing good essays. However, referring to examples is not enough, they must practice how to formulate topics and write the essays. The examples should then be given an experienced writer for evaluation.

The requirements of an assignment determine the college essay topics examples students should refer to. For instance, if one is interested in admission essays writing, it is only fair that he/she refers to admission essay topics examples, and the sequence follows.

Where to find college essay topics examples

It is through referring to good college essay topics that students develop the capacity to select college essay topics on their own. Some of the sources from where students can get examples or ideas of topics include the following:

The school and community library- although you may not find a list of essay topics in the library, through referring to sample papers exhibited in the library you are able to identify competitive college essay topics.
Instructors and tutors- through interacting with tutors and instructors, students get ideas of college essay topics they can tackle in their assignments. The interaction is through discussions. They work well if students already have done preliminary research.

Custom writing services- experts in custom writing help a great deal in not only providing college essay topics examples, but also in formulating good college essay topics. Topics provided are based student’s specialization and academic requirements.

Study groups- they comprise informed students who help in sharpening critical thinking skills in addition to giving examples of good college essay topics students can write on. Make use of the most suitable source. 

If you are learning how to do something, there is a tendency to assume that everything presented is perfect. Consequently, you might learn from a substandard text. To avoid such, it does no harm in asking for advice from experienced writers. The best place to seek for advice is from tutors. In any case, they mark the assignments. They also know what an admission board would be looking for.

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College Admission Essays that Worked

College admission essays that worked or examples of college admission essays written by experts are some of the tools students can use in learning how to write excellent college admission essays. They can also learn through enrolling for tutorials. Yes, they are good learning tools, but where can you find excellent essays and how do you determine a good admission essay?

The first step towards getting college admission essays that worked is to understand the purpose of writing an admission essay and what writing a good college admission essay entails. Generally, admission essays are submitted to the admission board by students as part of the admission process. The main reason is to help the admission board determine the best candidate to admit in a college or university. As such, when looking for examples of college admission essays, you will also come across sample MBA admission essays, and sample university admission essays among others.

What does writing good admission essays entails?

Writing essays is not different from other sources, only that it is used to judge the suitability of students in joining a college. They allow the use of first person. After consulting with experts and students who wrote college admission essays that worked, they gave the following tips:

  • An answer the following questions:
  • What is the choice of my course?
  • Why is the choice most suitable?
  • Why is the college most suitable?
  • Develop the essay from the outline. The above questions make part of the outline.
  • Write a draft- the draft is developed from the outline. The outline highlights the main points of the essay while draft supplies relevant information to complement the main points.
  • Write the final copy- it is an improvement of the draft.
  • Proofread and edit- this is geared towards correcting any errors made while writing the assignment.

Where to find sample MBA admission essays and college admission essays

The first option that students consider when they want to get samples or any other kind of writing help is the internet. This is a good source because students get any kind of writing help they need promptly. That is, they not only access sample MBA admission essays and sample college admission essays, they can get samples for all levels of study. Note, not every information found on the internet is palatable.
Libraries are also good sources for sample MBA admission essays and college admission essays only that students do not give them priority because accessing a sample is not easy. Information placed in any school library meets the expected standards! 

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College Entrance Essay Examples

The main purpose of a college entrance essay is to aid the admission board to get a quick look on students they are to receive. From the entrance essays, they will know the qualities to bring to the institution. They will also learn more about your creativity and skills when it comes to writing. A student should be ready for college-work and write a concise, clear and well-structured essay. Thus, it is a brilliant idea to get some ideas about entrance essay writing from the available college entrance essay examples.

Without the college personal statement essay examples, a student can find it hard to come up with a decent essay. Many questions will go through your head. Many students do not know where to start, what to talk about and how detailed they should be. There is no need to fret when several college entrance essay examples are readily available. These examples will get your ideas flowing and help write a high quality and detailed entrance essay.

How to Use College Entrance Essay Examples

As aforementioned, it is wise to use college entrance essay examples when writing your essay. However, the most substantial thing to keep in mind about these examples is that, they are to be excellent guides and no more than examples. Plagiarism is a misdemeanor when writing entrance essays.

 It does not matter where one gets these college personal statement essay examples. It is a crime to copy or paraphrase certain details and use them in your essay. The writing styles and formats should also be unique. Original work will always standout and seek more about the writer. Here, is a clear guide on how to use college personal statement essay examples.

  • Essay examples will guide a student applying for college admission to view his experiences easily and put them in the provided space. By looking at his personality and individuality, it will be much easier to write these essays. These examples act as sources of ideas while writing, and it is prudent to review them carefully.
  • College entrance essay examples will give a writer the opportunity to write in a genuine voice. With these examples, one can use preset style and tone to come up with fresh essays that are more compelling and professional. However, one needs to avoid letting his essay sound a certain way or like another essay he read somewhere.
  • One can use these essay examples to brainstorm topic ideas for his essay. Interestingly, one needs to creative and think of many concepts that fit his personal statement. These college personal statement essay examples will provide these topic ideas, and it is wise to consult them when stuck.

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Custom Written Thesis Paper

If you are not careful, your life can be characterized by an endless ‘to do list’. There is so much the society requires of you that you may hardly have time to give enough attention to any or all of the responsibilities you must take care of. At, you will find custom thesis writers will help ease the load in your ‘to do list’ by presenting to you custom written thesis paper. In fact, one time management tip is delegating duties. Delegate your academic responsibility to a custom thesis writer at and you will not be disappointed.

How will a custom thesis writer assist you?

Writing a thesis paper involves extensive research, careful selection of topics analysis and writing the paper, all of which require unquestionable research and analysis skills. Now if you have ever written an essay, you know the stress you go through. Writing a thesis paper is not easier. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry because our custom thesis writer will help make this process easier and faster.

How do we process custom written thesis paper?

We take pleasure in helping our customers attain top grades and sharpen their writing skills. Therefore, although any custom thesis writer you contact from has the capacity to submit premium quality custom written thesis paper, we find it necessary to help you understand the steps of writing. They are as stipulated below:

  • Select a topic- have a theme that will be reflected throughout the assignment.
  • Conduct preliminary research – it will help you understand what is already covered in your discipline and in formulating a thesis statement.
  • Formulate a thesis statement –give focus to your assignment.
  • Conduct extensive research – you need to get information necessary for answering the research question.
  • Analyze the information collected- know which information is suitable for different sections of the thesis paper.
  • Organize the information you have logically with the help of an outline.
  • Write the draft- it is advisable to write several drafts as every new draft is an improvement of the previous.
  • Develop a final copy from the draft – this is the copy you present for assessment.
  • Get feedback- preferably from somebody with a background on your discipline or understands your subject. 
  • Improve the thesis paper based on feedback given- there is always a room to make your assignment better.
  • Proofread and edit to correct errors- read your assignment to correct errors. In fact if possible, let a different person proofread and edit your assignment. 
  • Submit your assignment.

Note- at, you will not only find help for custom written thesis paper, we also assist students with any of the steps stipulated above. Since we work on the basis of specialization, only a thesis writer will be assigned your order as soon as you contact us. On the other hand, if you are a repeat customer, you have the liberty to choose a custom thesis writer.

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High School Transition Essay Sample

When my parents announced that we were moving cities I was very nervous. Having lived in my current home all my life, I had never thought of anywhere else as home. Moving means making new friends and adjusting to a new environment. The thought of finding a new school also filled me with trepidation.

I am a well adjusted student, an all-rounder. I am in the cheer leading team and swimming team. I have also received accolades for excellent academic performance. I am the chair of journalism club and treasurer of the debating club. I enjoy school and it is the part that I cherish most. Since we were moving at the beginning of the holidays I begged my parents to show me the list of prospective schools around the new city.

I fell in love with your school the minute we visited. Everyone was so courteous and professional. I loved the buildings as well but what caught my attention was the curriculum. I love the fact that you have well qualified tutors. I also liked the practical aspect if your content delivery because after every topic we have to go through a practical lesson in the field. This automatically enhances learning by enabling one experience the actual lesson learnt.

Your clubs and other extracurricular activities are attractive as well. I browsed through the journalism club website and went through the school magazine. I must admit that it was all very professionally done and I was impressed. I look forward to becoming an active member of the club. I like it that you have a swimming gala every term and I look forward to joining that team. I am also interested in your memorial library. This, I am sure will offer interesting reads for the avid reader in me.

Through your summer camp volunteer program I will be able to travel to different parts of the world and offer charity services to under privileged women and children in other continents. Your school also offers an opportunity to learn Spanish and French languages which are important in pursuit of global careers. I am also interested in securing an exchange program as this will enable me to interact with different students from other countries. It will also help me understand diverse cultures and education systems. The fact that you have guidance and counseling programs as well as career counselors is also a plus for me.

I am hardworking and determined to become a renowned journalist one day. An opportunity to learn in your school will provide a good breeding environment for this dream to hatch. That you have produced many other renowned professionals is evidence enough that I can make my dreams come true through your curriculum. I know that moving schools and changing environments can be a tough venture but your school already feels like home to me. I feel like I will be able to adjust easily in this environment. This is what I need to make my transition successful. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have you gotten tips from this essay? You can look at more personal essay examples for high school. We also have expert writers who can customize personal essay examples for high school to suit your preferences. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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Persuasive Essay Topics Middle School

Persuasive essay topics for middle school mostly revolve around common subject areas. It is advisable to however frame your topic in a unique manner in order to impress your supervisor. A good persuasive essay topic already gives you a plus. Writers are encouraged to adopt a convincing tone of writing for this essay that will make the reader buy their ideas.

Here are a few ideas for some great persuasive essay topics for middle school:

  1. Everyone should have health insurance
  2. Violent video games should be banned
  3. Capital punishment is not necessary
  4. Mercy killing should be legalized
  5. Human conning presents a bright future in science
  6. Climate change pauses a danger to food security
  7. All children should learn a foreign language
  8. The world has become a global society
  9. Cultural diversity improves the functioning of an organization
  10. Team work is the pillar of success
  11. People work better under less stress
  12. Poor lifestyle has contributed to the early deaths among youths
  13. Animals should not be killed to make fur clothes
  14. Being a vegetarian guarantees a long life
  15. Alcoholism is a moral issue
  16. Second hand smoking is worse than smoking
  17. The amount of homework given to children should be reduced
  18. Family quality time is important
  19. Both parents should be involved in the educational development of their children
  20. Extra curricula activities should be emphasized just as much as class work
  21. Children can learn good things from TV
  22. Children should start  thinking of their careers early in life
  23. Grounding is not an effective mode of punishment
  24. There is no need for having school uniform
  25. Children should be taught responsibility early
  26. Teenage parents should be encouraged to keep their children
  27.  Students’ lockers need to be checked occasionally for safety
  28. The indiscipline in schools is a reflection of the society’s moral decay at large
  29. Written exams are not necessary

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