Persuasive Essay Topics Middle School

Persuasive essay topics for middle school mostly revolve around common subject areas. It is advisable to however frame your topic in a unique manner in order to impress your supervisor. A good persuasive essay topic already gives you a plus. Writers are encouraged to adopt a convincing tone of writing for this essay that will make the reader buy their ideas.

Here are a few ideas for some great persuasive essay topics for middle school:

  1. Everyone should have health insurance
  2. Violent video games should be banned
  3. Capital punishment is not necessary
  4. Mercy killing should be legalized
  5. Human conning presents a bright future in science
  6. Climate change pauses a danger to food security
  7. All children should learn a foreign language
  8. The world has become a global society
  9. Cultural diversity improves the functioning of an organization
  10. Team work is the pillar of success
  11. People work better under less stress
  12. Poor lifestyle has contributed to the early deaths among youths
  13. Animals should not be killed to make fur clothes
  14. Being a vegetarian guarantees a long life
  15. Alcoholism is a moral issue
  16. Second hand smoking is worse than smoking
  17. The amount of homework given to children should be reduced
  18. Family quality time is important
  19. Both parents should be involved in the educational development of their children
  20. Extra curricula activities should be emphasized just as much as class work
  21. Children can learn good things from TV
  22. Children should start  thinking of their careers early in life
  23. Grounding is not an effective mode of punishment
  24. There is no need for having school uniform
  25. Children should be taught responsibility early
  26. Teenage parents should be encouraged to keep their children
  27.  Students’ lockers need to be checked occasionally for safety
  28. The indiscipline in schools is a reflection of the society’s moral decay at large
  29. Written exams are not necessary

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